Why do I need this?

For extra profit.
You get access to a new online audience that actively orders food delivery. Cloud restaurants provide additional income without additional investment and risk.
These days, for successful business development, it is necessary to use new models and technologies
Traditional, outdated restaurant model
One kitchen +
One menu =
Limited demand
Traditional, outdated restaurant model
You currently manage your own restaurant and use the resources of the kitchen to work on a single menu.
• 1 restaurant    • 1 kitchen    • 1 menu
New cloud restaurant model
One kitchen +
Your menu =
Maximum demand
New model with cloud restaurants
You connect 5+ cloud restaurant brands, and use existing kitchen resources to fulfill additional orders.
• 1 restaurant    • 1 kitchen     +5 menus for delivery
Traditional restaurant V
Cloud restaurant S
Brick-and-mortar restaurant
sh1-engOtherProductsSalaryRentTRADITIONAL RESTAURANT17%27%28%18%Profit10%
Virtual restaurant
sh2-engCLOUD RESTAURANTCommission35%Profit30%CloudBrands10%Products25%
Profitability calculator
Use the cloud restaurant ROI calculator to evaluate the potential of launching in your kitchen.
Number of digital brands in the kitchen
Number of orders per brand per day
Average check
Additional profit per month
Additional profit per year