We are a fast-growing food tech company that builds cloud-based food delivery restaurants, offering a complete suite of technology solutions to streamline underused kitchens, boost sales, and increase rankings.
CloudBrands is a team of restaurateurs with 25 years of experience in launching and managing 50+ restaurant brands worldwide. CloudBrands was originally created to develop and automate delivery systems in our restaurants, becoming a universal digital platform.
We focus on new technologies and develop end-to-end solutions that enable small restaurants to adapt to the realities of the new digital world.
At CloudBrands, our mission is to optimize the operation of any commercial kitchen and provide a source of additional income from food delivery and cloud restaurants. The solutions provided by CloudBrands can transform an ordinary kitchen into a digital kitchen in just one week.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual (digital) restaurants are restaurants that exist online and specialize exclusively in delivery.

CloudBrands is a digital restaurant platform that allows any commercial kitchen to quickly adopt a dark kitchen model, gain access to new audiences, and fulfill additional orders for delivery. The functionality of the CloudBrands platform automates the launch and operation of a digital restaurant in your kitchen.

CloudBrands brand concepts use the same set of products and preparations for 5+ restaurants. We recommend running an entire brand line.

1. To become a part of the growing market.
2. To boost revenue and profit.
3. To reach a completely new audience.
4. To become digital.

1) We provide brands, a complete order management solution, and a training program. We also handle marketing and promotion, quality control, and ongoing support.
2) Partner restaurants receive and fulfill orders that will be delivered using third-party delivery services, such as DoorDash, UberEats, etc.

We earn only if the partner has sales and take a small commission from each order.

We transfer funds to you every 7 days.

1) Fill out the questionnaire.
2) Learn how to cook dishes from the menu of selected brands.
3) Accept and prepare orders.

We have developed the menu in such a way that the dishes can be prepared by a chef of any qualification in any kitchen with minimal equipment. At the same time, we monitor reviews and ratings on a daily basis, and also carry out regular purchases by mystery shoppers.

High rating of our brandds is important for us. This means sales boost and an orders growth. Therefore, in case of the rating reduction, we can temporarily disconnect the restaurant from our platform.

We have developed a simple and intuitive application through which you will receive orders from all aggregators and all virtual restaurants, including your own (with additional settings). The app works on a one-stop-shop principle, collecting orders from all aggregators and automatically transferring them to your restaurant`s POS system.

You get 30% profit from each order.

You use ready-made brands to keep your kitchen 100% busy and increase profit.

Undoubtedly. You can set up online stores on your own, but do you have the patience, knowledge and funds for that?
To make your own delivery business successful, you need to:

- spend time and effort on adapting your menu for delivery;
- fiddle around with tastings, working out and calculating new dishes for delivery;
- analyze the market and competitors` offers;
- look for money to pay for advertising;
- hire a marketer and rely on their competence;
- pay for promotion on social networks;
— pay for IT solutions and process automation;
- worry about branded packaging;
- take care of timely courier delivery;
- understand confusing reports.
And even after you handle all that, you are unlikely to make a profit. Additional costs will eat up as much as 50% of the value of your product. Operational costs will take 25%, and then you`ll pay another 35% to aggregators.
You`ll end up paying for deliveries out of your own pocket.

We cooperate with any commercial kitchens, be it restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, banquet halls, and others. For us, the main thing is the motivation to earn together and maintain stable quality and standards.

In all restaurants, even the most popular ones, there are «dead hours» when their own orders are not enough to fully load the kitchen and cooks with work.
As a result, you don`t use your kitchen and staff resources at 100%, but you still have to pay rent, salaries and utilities in full.
This time can be used to earn additional profit. With CloudBrands, every restaurant can connect digital brands and fulfill additional orders for delivery in their free time — after breakfast, before or after lunch, early or late dinner, or late night — it`s your choice.
You can customize the system yourself, but we recommend that ordering be enabled at all times.

You`ll open your own virtual restaurants based on the existing capacities of your kitchen, and you won`t promote someone else`s. This is a tool to expand and scale your business without having to develop and promote new brands and menus from scratch. Digital restaurants provide access to an audience that is not initially looking for what you offer. For example, say a person wants to buy a burrito, but you sell burgers. So the digital restaurant is adding, not competing.

We have created brands in such a way that a kitchen with a standard set of equipment can copy them.

No. Our tool is designed to fully use your already existing kitchen resources. But if there are many orders, then you can hire additional staff.

We provide intuitive learning tools through our online platform. Cooking instruction is delivered through detailed video tutorials and interactive cookbooks.

All you need is a smartphone or computer to train your staff and receive orders through the CloudBrands IT platform.

Anywhere from 3 days. It all depends on the speed of training your staff and their certification.

Yes. This format of cooperation is discussed individually and has differences in conditions.

Preparing any dish takes no more than 10 minutes with the necessary semi-ready products.

We make sure that our food is delivered to customers in perfect condition, so the packaging of all dishes is worked out in detail. The training program includes all the necessary information about it.

Surprisingly, no! Our team has developed menus that are easy for any chef to prepare in any kitchen. The secret of taste is in using the right ingredients.

If you already have suppliers with identical products, you`re free to use them.

Yes, if your client wants to take the order with them, it will be available on the aggregator`s website.

We work with all existing aggregators on the market.

Yes, you can enable and disable access to orders in one click. However, the longer you are online, the more orders you will receive.

We work with aggregator partners. Couriers deliver orders within a radius of 2.5 km from the partner kitchen. You can also use your own couriers.

Artificial intelligence algorithms analyze your kitchen, menus, and products you purchase, as well as sales data, demographics and competitors in your area, to find the brands that have the most potential for you.

Brands are already integrated with all aggregators, so you only need to start earning through our platform after completing the training.

Our library includes brands from various areas and cuisines of the world: American, European, Oriental, Indian, Mexican, Italian, etc., including vegetarian and vegan brands.
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